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How can kinesiology help you?

Disease takes a long time to develop. Getting well is a process. As a kinesiologist I see symptoms as messengers, reminding us that our bodies and minds are struggling in certain areas. Kinesiology treats digestive disorders, eating disorders, addiction, pain, back ache, insomnia, trauma, stress, chronic fatigue, depression and anxiety. Kinesiology balances mental, emotional, physical and energetic symptoms.

Do you diagnose?

I do not have a medical degree and do not make diagnoses. I see symptoms as part of the bigger picture. I believe one's whole life story, including one's beliefs contribute to our health and wellbeing. I work on an energetic and emotional level, I help to move the stagnant energy or emotional wounds so that the physical body can use its own innate ability to heal.

What do you charge and how do I pay?

I charge R500 per hour and pro-rata rates thereafter. Cash is preferable, but I accept EFT.

How many sessions will I need?

No two clients or sessions are the same. We will determine together how many sessions are needed. I find often clients come with an ailment in mind to work on, and they realize the symptom is so much deeper than they had realized. We work only with priority and usually with core issues.

Do I need to believe in it for it to work?

I have seen many sceptics find the process remarkable, and see that although it may be difficult to understand how it works. They see that it just does.

What can I expect from a session?

Disease takes a long time to develop. Getting well is a process. I am guided by you as the client. We have a consultation at the beginning of the first session so you can share what you are hoping to address. You then lie on my therapy table fully clothed, and I use your arm muscle throughout the session to indicate to both of us how we are to address the session.

I cannot know before hand how the session will transpire. It's usually a mixture of talking and accumulating information and gentle hands on body work.

Does it interfere with my religion?

I do not affiliate with any particular religion. I work with people within their beliefs and understanding.

Do you work on children?

I work on children from the ages of twelve.

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