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About me

Tal Raviv

I am guided completely by you as the client.
Each session and each client are unique. No two lives are the same, no healing path is the same. They are as unique as the individual is unique. I am perpetually humbled and awed by the way each session unfolds.

I observe that we are all connected to “The Field” and that we carry every detail of our past within our subconscious.
I am able to tap into both “The Field and your individual life experience to facilitate change.

"Health means - I am able to respond and stay fluid in my response to what life brings to me."
- Stephen Hausner

Together we find which past wounds- Mental, emotional, physical or energetic are hindering your ability to live to your highest potential. Together, through muscle testing, we find techniques to free these cellular memories to allow you to live more fully.

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Kinesiology is the art and science of muscle testing. A kinesiologist is trained to observe how muscles react to stress.

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