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About me

Tal Raviv

I'm Tal Raviv
I have been practicing Kinesiology for over a decade. I discovered Kinesiology whilst going through  my own personal life struggles. It was greatly beneficial in understanding the connections between body and mind.
After many years practicing kinesiology and exploring many Alternative Therapies, I began to develop intuitive and psychic abilities. I have developed and practice my own system of Psycho -Somatic-Energetic Kinesiology.
I am thoroughly dedicated to my clients.
It takes great courage to heal. Healing is a painful process. One needs to face the pain.
I am truly honored and grateful to assist my clients through their raw journeys to the other side. The joy is immense. It is s rebirth.

"Health means - I am able to respond and stay fluid in my response to what life brings to me."
- Stephen Hausner

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12 Campbell st observatory Cape Town

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