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What is Kinesiology?

Kinesiology is the art and science of muscle testing. A kinesiologist is trained to observe how muscles react to stress.

By monitoring a clients' muscular response and asking relevant related questions, a kinesiologist can gain insight and information about their client's body and mind.

This includes mental, emotional, physical and energetic information. Appropriate holistic techniques help to balance the clients' body and mind. These include Acupressure, chiropractic’s, homoeopathy, traditional Chinese medicine, osteopathy, regression work and energy work.

"I am not what has happened to me,
I am what I choose to become
— Carl Jung

Healing our lives

By recognizing perpetuating patterns in our lives, we own our participation (no matter how small) in our ill health or our lives not being the way we want them to be. We accept what is. Only then can we have the courage to change.

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Healing ourselves

We can choose to change our perceptions and beliefs about ourselves and the world that no longer serve us.

By changing the story we tell ourselves about who we are and how we have become to be who we are, we are able to disentangle ourselves from unhealthy relationships and unhealthy thought patterns. (inherited, acquired or taken on.)

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"When I accept myself I am free from the burden of needing you to
accept me.
Dr Steve Maroboli
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